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Posted by mdyson on 12-12-2020 in Trademarks for sale Expiry date: 12-12-2021
Price $ 350,000.00


Dear Prospective Purchaser or Licensee:
Thank you for expressing interest in the following Trademark Registrations:
ASCENSION / LOVE CONQUERS ALL®, Reg. No.: 4442798, Class 25, full listing available at US Trademark Exchange: (
WE THE PEOPLE / IN GOD WE TRUST®, Reg. No.: 4421355, Class 25, full listing available at: ( people-in-god-we-trust-ascension/) which is available for sale or licensing.
NYC VALOR®, Reg. No.: 4612836, Class 25, full listing available at: (
With respect to licensing, the licensing terms comprises a 10% “Royalty” based upon documented accounting of Licensee’s Net Sales of Licensed Products, (Net Sales is exclusive of manufacturing, selling, advertising, and distribution costs) accruing upon the sale of the Licensed Products (i.e., when the Licensed Product is billed, invoiced, shipped, or paid for, whichever is first regardless of the time of collection by Licensee, calculated on a quarterly calendar basis and shall be payable no later than thirty (30) days after the termination of the preceding full calendar quarter, i.e., commencing on the first (1st) day of January, April, July, and October, with late payments incurring interest at the rate of 1% per month from the date such payments were originally due. There is no upfront fee associated with these listings.
Each of the marks consists of text and images only as integrated in the design and as further described in the registered mark description. Revenues generated from this mark are solely based on the trade sale of existing apparel inventory. Given the broad versatility and marketability of the mark, strategic efforts were undertaken to preserve its fungibility in order to maximize its utility for prospective use by a new purchaser or licensee. This is preferred rather than premise the sale upon reliance on past use of the mark which might otherwise limit or prejudice its future use. Therefore, providing past or projected net revenue attributed to the trademark is not something we would provide in a contemplated forward-looking transaction of this nature where the mark is to be used for a new business concern. It is our intention to provide this mark for sale or licensing on a prospective basis, with the following notable
exceptions and considerations that you are free to take into account in determining valuation:

• The seller as owner has all right, title and interest in the Trademark Registrations and the Trademark Registrations are valid and in good standing;
• The registered mark reflects the accuracy of the record owner and chain of title information on file with the respective trademark registries;
• That there is no outstanding indebtedness incurred by seller for which a valid lien or other security interest could be filed against the Trademark Registrations in the respective trademark registries;
• There is no past due fee or payment owing in the respective trademark registries relating to the Trademark Registrations;
• There currently are no known or pending infringement actions against the Trademark;
• There have been no past infringement actions filed against the Trademark;
• The right to sell any products bearing the Trademarks throughout the U.S. and its territories has not been previously licensed, or to seller’s
knowledge, has not been subject to market dilution;
• That the mark has broad appeal in commercial use, including but not limited
to, collegiate, academia, athletics, politics, civics, religion, or for non-
profit or philanthropic use, benefit, value or prestige;
• That trademarks suited for specific purposes typically have shorter remaining useful lives than this trademark which is more suited for more general purposes because the risk of obsolescence decreases at greater levels of
general applicability;
• The replacement cost valuation method or in other words the re-creation cost in the mark reflects an acceptable industry valuation practice in that our trademark is a creative or artistic form of intellectual property. That the replacement cost valuation method would include all costs that may be incurred in re-creating the trademark. These recreation costs would include our legal fees for filing, successfully prosecuting and defending against objections raised by the USPTO examining attorney which lead to the successful registration of the mark ($10,000.00 USD each), registration fees ($275.00 USD each), graphic design and artistic conception ($5,000.00 USD each) and advertising costs, ($5000.00 USD each) including, but not limited to, booth registration, set up and design and flyers and social media through the Las Vegas Magic Trade Show ($15,000.00 USD each) which featured the Trademark.
• That by owning the trademark, you are relieved of the necessity of having to pay another a royalty for its use under the relief from royalty valuation
approach. It follows, therefore, that anyone wanting to obtain the right to this trademark would have to enter into a business arrangement with the owner. From our royalty structure, which includes no upfront fee, you can see still see the expected royalty savings attributable to the ownership of the trademark that is also dependent upon your intended use of the mark.
It would also be helpful to know your intended use of the mark(s) and the details and circumstances involving your interest in them as well. Thank you for your consideration.


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United States
Maurice Dyson
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01.01.2014 00:00
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US United States (USPTO)
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01.01.2014 00:00
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